Now that all the books and patches have been printed and shipped, we can announce the total amount that the Comics for Choice campaign raised for National Network of Abortion Funds, after expenses: $21,678.59! That’s incredible, thank you all so much! NNAF’s Executive Director, Yamani Hernandez, told us this about the impact of Comics for Choice and our donation:

“We are amazed and deeply touched by the effort, artistry, and abortion stigma-busting working that went into Comics for Choice. As the protagonist of one such story featured in this collection, I am honored to both be portrayed by an artist, and equally honored for the National Network of Abortion Funds to be the recipient of $21,678.59. This level of funding is the equivalent of supporting approximately 60 abortions, paying for gas for hundreds of rides to clinics, or bringing a group of abortion funds together for a convening on how to organize their base. It’s easy to itemize the amount of care covered by this endeavor but there is no way to quantify the power of Comics for Choice has had in increasing visibility and accessibility of abortion stories. We’re not at all surprised that the book was in such high demand, because people everywhere need and want to see abortion stories in all of their complexity, nuance, and truth. This is how cultural change happens.”

It has been our great honor to support the important work of the National Network of Abortion Funds. All of the contributors who came together to create the book, and everyone who donated to the campaign, made this happen.

Thank you for your support!